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Daughter just fitted w/ 1rst pointe shoes! ? about Russian Pointe


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We bought Russian Pointe Almaz today. I liked that the shank was made of wood instead of cardboard composite, it seemed like they would last longer? Now I'm wondering if the shank will be too hard?!! Will she be able to go on demi pointe in these? The vamp is 2 and the shank is FS for anyone who is familiar with Russian Pointe.

Also, she has long, slender feet with tapered toes. She likes the rectangle box. Was that a good choice? I'm so confused- thanks for any advice!

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LNC, if you will post this question under the Pointe Shoe section, I'm sure Ms. DeVor or Clara will be able to help you. Also, Ms. DeVor has a pointe shoe form that will help you find the perfect shoe for your daughter's feet based on her particular attributes.

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Sorry Chelsea,


If you are not a parent, then you shouldn't be posting here.


I do appreciate that you were trying to be helpful. Thank you.



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Since the question has now been posted on the Pointe Shoe forum I'm closing this topic, as we do not need two topics with the same question.

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