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Books: Dancer off Her Feet

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Well it's a long story but I went to a Christian conference in June and on one of the book stalls I noticed a book with pointe shoes on the front cover of it. So because I love ballet I bought it! I thought I'd lost it up until two weeks ago so I've just started reading it really. It's 'Dancer off her Feet' by Julie Sheldon, a Christian lady who has recently battled through an illness and she used to study at Elmhurst School of Ballet in Birmingham. I've probably read around 10 pages so far but once I've read the whole thing I'll tell you more about it :o

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I've heard of this book. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the woman whose daughter had brain cancer, and that this is a witness about the mother coming to terms with the daughter's illness via faith?

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Yeah! You're right! I think it's brain cancer, but the woman had just recovered from an illness so she feels confused, as she thought things were going so well. I think I need to read this book as soon as I can! It could be so encouraging!

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I encountered it as a student at an instructors' course for Anglican Religious Education. It was on the reading list for "English Apologetics". I thought it suffered from coming before C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity on the list. Nobody's writing looks too good when put next to Lewis, but it was a good quick read. I think that you'll find that ballet is quite incidental to the whole story.

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