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Funny experience in Target

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This is just so funny that I had to share it. It's like a vaudeville joke, if it hadn't really happened.


My boyfriend and I were in Target and I decided to see if the prices for lambswool were any cheaper than CVS. I couldn't find it in the aisles, so we went to the pharmacy counter and asked the pharmacist if they casrried lambswool.


"We don't have lambswool," she replied. "But we do have mule skin."




My boyfriend and I were laughing all through the rest of our visit to Target, imagining little sections of mule skin in packages.

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That is funny, but I'm wondering if the pharmacist mean "mole skin". When my kids were very young (a long, long time ago), I bought some mole skin and the youngest thought that was a good way to use the moles in our yard that we were always trying to get rid of. I had to explain it wasn't really the skin of the mole, just fabric. But then I thought - hmmm, perhaps he had an idea there.

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Oh, she definitely meant moleskin, which I guess is also the name of an animal, so it could be just as funny. But somehow this just hit our funny bones and we couldn't stop laughing!

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Sounds like what American Civil War soldiers called canned beef stew - "Mule Neck in a Can".

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