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For a couple months now I have been having problems with both of my knees. They kind of hurt, and want to pop all of the time, and sometimes I feel like they need to pop but they won't. The pain seems to be coming from sort of under the kneecap, but kind of the whole thing. The only place I could specifically find was on the very outside side of my kneecap, if that makes any sense at all. The floors in my studio are really hard, and so my teachers have said that it could be that, and even referred to it as "dancer's knees". Could it be that, or maybe something else? And if it is that, what should I be doing to correct it/help ease the pain?

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Mimi, if you are dancing on floors which are not raised and sprung, it would not be surprising to have knee problems. HOWEVER, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to study ballet on floors which are not raised and sprung. There is no such thing as "Dancers Knees". Sure, dancers get injured and sometimes it is knees, and sometimes it is ankles, hips, shoulders, or backs. But those are injuries, accidents, or overuse problems. Dancing on an unsafe floor is not acceptable and just invites injury.


Knees are very complicated joints, and should not be diagnosed by anyone except an orthopedic physician. Pain is an indication that there is a problem, and that needs to be attended to by a doctor, not by someone writing it off as "Dancers Knees". :unsure:

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I've had knee pain since my SI this summer, and we went to an orthapedist and he couldn't diagnos it... We went to a massage therapist and told us she couldn't diagnos but told us what she tought it might be... what should I do since it still bothers me?

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Find another orthopedic doctor, but try to find someone who has some clue as to what ballet involves. Check with your nearest professional company to get the name of their orthopedic physician.

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