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One day off a week?


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Hi! I am attending a very hardcore ballet school. I dance a lot and six days a week on a regular schedule and we are encouraged to dance on Sundays as well. My question is if taking the Sunday class would actually be beneficial, I have heard and read so many times about the importance of taking one day off a week for your body, when you are not supposed to do anything related to ballet. I have had two injuries in the span of one year both on the same foot and I had tendonitis in that foot. My quandary is that almost all the dancers in the higher levels take the Sunday class and it doesn't seem to have hurt them. It's the founder of the school teaching the class and she is supposed to give extra corrections and advice. . :thumbsup: Thanks for any advice!! :wink:

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We do not believe that 7 days a week, on a regular basis, is a wise thing to do. One's body needs to rest and recover. Seven days a week invites overuse injury, as well as accidental injury because the body is tired and the muscles don't respond properly. Once in a while, for special things like auditions or rehearsals, it won't kill you, but don't do it regularly.

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Professional dancers do not work 7 days a week, and it's written into their union contracts that they are only working their bodies for 5-6 days per week, and only a certain number of hours per day. And they are done growing....


There is no need to push your body in that way, and in fact, plenty of sports-med studies have shown that not only is there no benefit, but it is in fact detrimental to do that.

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