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How deep should a demi plié be?


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Here's something I've always wondered: how deep should one go in a demi plié? As deep as you can without lifting your heels, or not? I usually do about the same as the other students in class, but I could go much deeper. Am I supposed to?

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Go as deeply as you can maintaining correct placement of the feet on the floor, correct usage of turn out and good placement of the body. :)

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Demi for me is fine...the one I struggle with is grand plie in second. I never feel like I go far enough. It is as if my second is not wide enough to allow me to go lower. Presently, I only go as wide as a tendu to second will allow.

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No, you are not asking about demi plie at all! :D Grand plie is a different animal indeed. Perhaps you are not aligning your shoulders over your hips enough? Or you could be holding your breath. Try to relaxing and breathing outward as you go down. :thumbsup: FYI, 1 to 1 1/2 of your foot size is permissable for the size of 2nd position.

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