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November w[h]ine couch


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Well, I'll start off -- my horrendous workload has meant precious few classes since September, and no weekends. Not good, but I should get back into all things dance in late November. Better late than never, I suppose.

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I'm sorry that work is keeping you from ballet classes, Redbookish :)



As for pointe shoes, I'm still trying to figure out what might work for me...and trying to hide the cost from my husband :) But to continue the discussion from last thread, Dancepig - I don't feel so bad about my graveyard of shoes now! We have such limited options here that I am seriously beginning to run out of options. I'll manage though.



My whine is that the stress I've been under recently has contributed to a nice big muscle knot in one shoulder that I'm struggling to get rid of and which makes ports de bras restricted and uncomfortable.

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Redbookish, I know the feeling and you have my sympathies.


Swantobe I really feel for you because you really seem to be battling a lot with your pointe shoes! The very limited selection that we have does not help.

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Redbookish - I feel your pain, having been in the same situation. I've made one rehearsal and no classes. Thankfully, at least for reporters, the end of campaign season means a return to more normal working hours and more ballet time.

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It is REALLY hard to find the right pointe shoes!!! Also $$$$$!!! I am on the home stretch, though, I think.

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Grrr....did something to my right hip. Thank heavens it's not the knee, but the twinge I get travels down the outside of the knee. I know it's not a tear or anything. Went to the gym today, did some cycling (light) and then some abs on a hanging machine bar thingy, then stretched, felt a "click" and the pain dissipated. But it's back now. Not as bad as before. Grrr!!!! No strength lost, and it didn't even bother me in class, apart from jumping. I guess I'll have to stop jumping for a while. :0(


I will be first visiting the massage therapist, then likely will see about a chiropractor.

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While trying to catch a giant rat in my kitchen, I dropped a 20-pound board on my big toe!!!

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Serendipity - hope you can get the hip issue straightened out!


Pirou - ouch, hope you didn't break your toe!

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Ha! Unfortunately, the giant rat is still at large. I think he is under my oven right now. We turned it on to broil, but that still doesn't make him come out. Rats are tough. Monday I call the landlord and let him handle it.


I'm pretty sure my toe is not broken, and I iced it on and off last night and took ibuprofen. This morning the swelling is down and I put it in my pointe shoe to see how it felt. It feels whole and strong, but it's quite sore along the top. The board landed between the nail and the joint, and there's a big red spot where it hit, surrounded by what will probably show up as a bruise in the next few days. I'm skipping pointe and taking my technique class today instead and will see how the pointe shoes feel over the next few days. Anyway, it's one more issue to ask my podiatrist about when I see him on the 10th.


I'll update you all when the rat is caught! Unfortunately, my cat was in a cat fight 2 days ago and received an antibiotic injection and 2 vaccine updates yesterday, so he's moping around the house and is no help at all right now!

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the best way to deal with wild rats is to buy a rat trap to catch them alive. (like a kind of wire cage with a shut door mechanism) Put some sweet or really smelly stuff into the trap (like smelly cheese, jam, chocolate) and put the trap in a corner of the room. (rats do not like open space) Best overnight. Poisoning is not the greatest idea because the rat withdraws into some really deep hole inside the wall and dies there. Not nice, believe me. Rats are best caught alive and released outside.

When the rat is caught, bring the trap outside. Check your home for holes on the outside where rodents could come in. And be careful to keep the garbage bins outside closed. (food attracts rats!)


Oh, cat fights! My kitty used to be in cat fights every other day- I`m tired of cleaning out abscesses!

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Thanks - I think a trip to Home Depot is in order!


Yes, I was lucky to catch this wound before it got to the abscess stage. Last year's cat fight cost me over $600!!!

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Yup, Homedepot should carry them: http://www.homedepot.com/Outdoors-Garden-C...catalogId=10053

(don`t kill the rat, are humane and come in handy for future "unwanted guests" so its good to have one of those at home)


Glue traps (I`m shocked that they sell them in the US- they are not allowed in most parts of Europe) are outright cruel and the normal "break neck" trap is not really safe (cats can trap their feet in them- humans can, too) and intelligent rats know how to get the food out without releasing the mechanism.

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I did something to patella of my knee somehow, some way. I have no idea how or what happened. It only hurts on the top, not even directly on the kneecap, and nothing feels twisted.


I did cycle a bit, about 20 minutes, then didn't do much else with the legs till the first ballet class. It was an easy class and I didn't try to turn out too much or anything. I didn't jump.


The pain started when I was driving to the second class, when I'd press the clutch on the car. It's not a major pain and doesn't appear to make me weaker. The second class had no problems - no pain with plie or anything. Then pain again on return home. Very annoying! No swelling, either.


So I'm going to put on the Vicks Vapo-Rub and wrap it for the night, take my supplements, some naproxin and hope for the best. *sigh*


UPDATE: Stayed home from class tonight. I think I'm going to give up on Tuesdays - I'm usually too exhausted after work to go to class. Anyway, the knee is much, much better. I don't think it's really injured - just overused, perhaps.

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