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Does this make sense?


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My dd took a summer break from the pre-professional school she had been going to. She has decided to go back, but does not want to go to the same school. There is a dance school not too far from us owned, and run, buy a former ballerina. Her credentials look wonderful, as she has danced throughout Europe in well known companies.


However, she only offers two advanced ballet - point classes per week. In speaking to her, she said students with an eye toward a career in dance, take the 2 classes, and then she gives privates to them, and the cost is not much different, maybe less, then taking 12 hours or more of group lessons. Can this be just as good, or better than the group lessons my dd had taken at the pre-pro school? It seems to me, it would be......but what do I know!

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Ballet has been taught in a group for centuries with good reason. Private classes can be helpful for specific reasons for a limited period of time. They should never replace group classes. While privates may seem to make sense, as a regular diet, they create dependency (perhaps even a co-dependency) upon one teacher emotionally and physically. This is never a good thing for a young, developing dancer. Find an option that offers daily ballet class with students of the same age group and abilities as your DD.

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Totally agree. Privates do not make up for classes.

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