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Have others participated in the Royal Academy of Dance level examinations? I'm interested in participating as a way to measure my progress and as a means of pushing myself to advance.


Has anyone purchased their syllabi for levels and preparation DVDs? If so, were they useful?


If you are unfamiliar with Royal Academy of Dance you may view their website using the following link: http://www.radusa.org/


It seems like they are a young organization that is still establishing itself. In fact, they do not have an examiner in Chicago yet.

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They're not that young in the US, but every few years it seems as if they start from scratch all over again. For years, they headquartered in New Jersey, and now the "capital" of RAD USA is in California. It strikes me as odd that there is currently no examiner in the Chicago area. And yes, the videos in particular are useful for exam preparation for the student. The syllabus books come in much handier if you already "speak" ballet.

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According to their website, the only have one instructor able to certify a RAD level in Illinois is a person in Champaign, IL. It does seem odd that there are no instructors in Chicago. I assumed this fact was due to the organizations youth.


Thanks for the tips on the syllabi. I'll check out the DVD.

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Examiners travel all over the place, and may not even be from the same part of the US as the school they examine. In fact, this is considered better form, in order to preserve impartiality.

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