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Today we celebrated DS's 9th birthday. Back this summer, I had to have a chat with older twin NDS's about respecting little brother and his interests. One of the comments that came up was regarding how "silly" it was for a boy to wear tights and also a poster he had of one of his idols hanging on his bedroom door. I pointed out that taken out of context, alot of things look silly, example, if you didn't know what they did, a fire fighters suit, football, hockey, or baseball players uniforms, all would look strange. I said that yes, I found the costumes a little silly too, but they aren't something you wear to the grocery store. I told all 3 boys that I respected DS's courage to go against the grain, because there was no way I ever would be able to appear in public wearing tights because I am so self conscious.


Well, he was opening gifts, and one of the gifts from my mother was a blow up of an old picture of me from my junior year in high school, when I participated in a Madrigal festival at school. Basically, I looked like something from Robin Hood, Men in Tights. :blink: You should have seen the grins on all three of my sons faces(not to mention everybody else). DS says its going next to his poster(dancer is an Itallian or Spanish name, escapes me right now). Thanks alot mom! :)

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:) You can't choose your family can you?????? :blink:
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