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Basic vs. Beginner classes?


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I was reading another thread where someone mentioned that there is a difference between a basic class and a beginner class. I've always assumed they were about the same in skill level, but from what I read I believe I'm very wrong. Could you guys explain what the difference is, and which one would be ideal for someone with no dance experience?

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If you have NO dance experience, or even no ballet or modern experience, you want an Absolute Beginner or Introductory to Ballet class. The titles of the classes depend on the studio but usually the slowest and most elementary class is called Absolute Beginner or Intro. Some studios will then offer Basic next, and then Beginner. Beginner at some studios is for people with 2-5 years of training. It really varies depending on the studio.

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To me basic is the very first class you take- the one where they tell you the positions of the feet, how to point your toes, what a plie is.


A beginner class is the next level up. For someone who doesn't even know the basics, beginner could be very hard- but to a professional, beginner is the stuff they can do in their sleep. I think you can stay a beginner for years and years, but basics are usually taught in the first few months.


(A studio near here as a 6-week basics course, then you move on to beginner levels. For adults there are only beginner and advanced, so many stay beginner for quite some time.)

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