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Books: Pavlova: Portrait of a Dancer

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I just recently had a birthday, and an old friend of mine who at one time used to teach me, gave me her whole collection of costumes, ballet literature, and a decade worth of vintage Dance Magazine.

Needless to say, I am in flabbergast mode.


Anyway, I wanted to share this book with you all, because it's the first one out of the stack that I picked up and it is beautiful.

It is a biography of sorts, of Pavlova and I have found it to be very inspirational reading material.

If you can get your hands on a copy, it's worth it!

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I will be on the lookout for this. DD would love it. One of the books I read as a child was "Dancing Star: The Story of Anna Pavlova" and I passed in on to my girls. My DD and I often talk about that book when discussing dance related things (particularly pointe shoes). I think something a little more mature on Anna Pavlova would be a welcome addition to her library.

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There is also a lovely bio of Pavlova, written by Walford Hyden and published in 1931. I found it in a second hand book store years ago. It is titled Pavlova. :)

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I read Pavlova: Portrait of a Dancer some time ago, and don't remember much other than that I loved it! :)


Another good one is Anna Pavlova: her life and art by Keith Money

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