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Has anyone ever used a stretching machine?


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Hey Guys,


I have been looking around the internet for a couple of days now looking at how we can improve our side splits.


I am looking to go onto a professional dance course next year, and the one thing that is letting me down is my flexibility in the side splits. My front splits are OK, however I am like a foot and a bit off the floor in side splits.


I have come across these machines:




They seem to be used in the martial arts world, however I was just wondering whether or not anyone had seen them being used in dance, and/or has anyone actually ever used them?




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I recommend saving your money. Those machines aren't going to accomplish anything you can't do on your own. The important thing is to persevere in stretching regularly, preferably after each class (as it is not safe to stretch when cold), over a long period of time. This is really the fastest and safest way to achieve results.

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It's easy to hurt yourself when forcing during stretching. Stretching should go easy: relax and use the forces of gravity to gently stretch the muscles. Muscles contract when you are restless. That's the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

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