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What do I do about training?


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Well, I danced a lot (4 years, and 2 years in a dance studio's competeive program) but I stopped when I was 11, now I'm 13 almost 14 and want to dance again. I have all my technique and have been taking some private lessons and open classes. So I think I almost at the level I was before.I really want to take it seriously.


But my only problem is what do I do to get to the level of other my age?


Should I go into a year-round program? My concerns are that I'm not on pointe. Though I was told I was going to before I stopped.


Any advice on what I should do?



For grade 10(not next year, but the year after) I am going to go to a performing arts high school for dance, acting and singing on top of all the dance training I want to do. So any tips on getting on pointe faster because the auditions are always a year before, you really start.



Thanks for reading all this crap,

Samantha :@)


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Welcome, Samantha!


There's really no way to speed up the process. Quite honestly, you needn't be concerned with pointework at this moment, but instead need to focus on getting the best training possible. I'm sorry to say but private lessons and open classes do not constitute an actual training program that is necessary in order to be competitive in the dance world.


You need to auditon for training programs now, and if you're blessed with tremendous facility for ballet, along with a top-notch work ethic and a determination to succeed no matter what, then you may be on your way.


Good luck. :(

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