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The right type of fifth


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There are some pictures on the internet regarding about fifth positions.




I used do my fifth like the above but when I changed teachers, she said that it wasn't right for the big toe to go all the way and then it should be this way




I have always been using the 2nd fifth ever since as I had a few teachers telling me that it is bad for the big toe to go all the way because it puts pressure on the knees and so. I also certainly do not believe that whether is this style of the Russian, RAD, French etc etc because I had a Russian teacher who uses the 2nd fifth.


My question is what is right or both are right?

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Depending on where you are, both are correct, with the latter form being preferred through most of the world. The former overcrossed 5th was a marker for School of American Ballet ("Balanchine") students of the 60s and 70s.

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Thank you Mr Johnson!


My teacher said that it is very bad for the knees when one does the overcrossed fifth. How does it put stresses on the knees?


Thank you once again!

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It's not all that awful when you're young, but if you haven't rotation from the hip to support the turnout on the floor, when you get older, nasty things start to happen with your knees, and maybe even your hips. I was trained that way, but then again, I was and am pretty bow-legged (arqué). I'm 62, and my knees are still pretty good, so maybe my teacher taught me correctly how to balance turnout and rotation.

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