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Finally improving!!!!!!!!


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So finally...after three months of ballet, on average about 3 times a week for 90 minutes a time I got some positive feedback!

My usual teacher had been away for a month and when he got back, he said "Better...yes!" which for him is BIG! Also, last night in class, another lady said that "Wow! Since the beginning...you are SO much better...really good...especially your arms and back". I was over the moon! It is so nice to hear some positive feedback.

I am even finally looking forward to the centre work now! AND I have almost got the glissade, assemble, jette, pas de bourre down! Also, my pirouettes are a lot better. I can almost get around pretty smoothly now.

The pain, the tears, the exposed underwear have all been worth it!


My class is super as it is connected to a company and they do performances every year and I might even be good enough to get a little part in the Nutcracker next year. Two girls in my class were chosen as Arabian dancers and I think I could be at their level next year. Our teacher is the Artistic director. He is wonderful and I am so lucky to have him!


I also just feel far more confident. I am starting to really dance, to really use my arms and to "feel" it!

I still make LOTS of mistakes...but everyone seems to make a few so I've stopped feeling bad about it.

I think I look good in my leotard now and love seeing all those little muscles popping up and my body getting leaner and firmer. I was at a different ballet class on a Saturday last week and a lady thought that I was the teacher!!!! This was a big compliment as our lady teachers are beautiful and very balletic looking!

Another woman said that I have "le presence" !!!!

I am not meaning to gloat and I know that I will never be a soloist or indeed a "real" dancer....but.......I am just really happy that I am getting better as I thought I was a lost cause...and now...I may EVEN be able to go on stage again!

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Hey, that is great! I am so happy for you!

You have surely worked very hard to get where you are. :yucky:

What a nice thing, to really be aware of your improvement!



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Thanks Diane!

I guess I posted so others could see how it is really possible to return to ballet after 20 years and become decent at it in not too long a period.

When I was little my best asset in dance was my passionate nature; I could always FEEL the music....and that doesn't leave you...even if your extreme flexibility does! :)

And I am aiming to get back at least 80% of that too! LOL

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Sorry I know that this post is REALLY late, but I just wanted to say Congrats rlyons, you have clearly worked VERY hard and it is paying off - well done!

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Thanks all! Since I posted that, I have been getting lots and lots of compliments! AND I am now almost as good as anyone in the class except, obviously, the "real" dancers ;) THis makes me so happy! I AM working very hard; practising a lot, taking classes up to four times a week and watching ballet ALL the time :wink:

Thanks for Ballet Talk too...it helps GREATLY also!

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