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Getting discounts on fees


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I was wondering if anyone has thought of reasonable ways to get discounted fees? I am considering offering my services as a pianist for some classes in exchange for slightly discounted fees. Currently we don"t have a pianist but work with recorded music and I thought it might help the exam candidates to get a little additional practice with working with a live pianist before their exams. Does this sound like a reasonable/good idea?


Any other ideas about mitigating the cost of the MANY ballet classes you want to take but can't necessarily afford...

How have other adults afforded ballet, especially if you take multiple classes a week, in terms of time and financially?

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I know my current studio and a few others I have studied at have work study programs. Students devote a certain amount of hours a week (cleaning mirrors, sweeping, other housekeeping type things) in exchange for more class time. You should ask if your studio would be interested in something like that. I have also heard of "teaching assistants" as a form of work study. From my understanding the assistant would be used to demonstrate exercises, running the sound system, taking attendance etc. I would ask your studio if they have any programs, I think most places wouldn't mind exchanging an extra class or two a week for "free" housekeeping.

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Where I go you get discounts the more classes you take (so maybe you would pay 12 for a single lesson 10 when you take two lessons a week, 8 when you take four lessons a week and so on). I have full inversion and I can take 4 evening-lessons for free.

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swantobe, what an interesting idea!


I play the piano myself but I don't think I'll ever be able to play for a class -- tempo for one... I can't play off the top of my head quickly, especially allegro pieces! I have huge respects for ballet class pianists, who seem to be able to grasp the dynamics needed for the movements. There has been so many times that the way the pianist plays the music that has "saved" me from falling :wacko:


It must be a really interesting perspective to be participating the ballet class in a different role in the studio.



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For a while, I worked in the studio office to aide in covering costs. The studio was able to save some money in paying hourly office employees, and I got some dancing out of it.


Also, my bachelor's was in business/marketing. I'm considering using some of my graphic design skills to create some promotional items, brochures, etc. Considering running that by my teacher/owner.

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Well in NYC and in my city, you can get discounted fees if you are a professional dancer or other type of pro performer. You have to just have a performer's union card (SAG, AGMA or Equity). I have an AGMA card so I make use of it whenever I can for dance class discounts and theatre discounts. We also get 10% off at Capezio and Sansha stores.


I think the pianist idea is good. Even if you cannot do it at the studio you go to, maybe if you contact all the studios in your area you may get some work. You could either get paid or exchange for classes. I think they would jump at the chance to exchange for classes because they are already teaching the classes so what's one more student? They would pay the accompanist more per hour than it costs to take a class. In my city probably the accompanists would make between $30-50 per hour. In NYC perhaps even more. It is a win-win and nothing comes out of their pocket at another studio and potentially could attract more students to them due to the live music.

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