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Does this sound right?


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I was wondering-


Every year the university in my town has a Nutcracker, but the people who cast dancers are the head of the very competitive school that dominates all the other studios in the area (let's call it studio X), because they helped fund it. I used to go to studio X, but left. Before that, I got cast every year. Also, if you are part of their 'pre-pro company' (which isn't pre-pro) then you get the best parts, no questions asked. If you're not, then you have to rely on how much they like you. After that, they fill the rest of the parts with people from their studio, no matter how good (or bad) they are. And remember, they call this "the (university's name) Nutcracker", even though the last two years I auditioned for all parts (my age and up), even if they were en pointe (I auditioned in flat shoes). And I smiled the entire time. And I still didn't get cast.


So, I was wondering, is this normal? Does this happen everywhere? :clapping: Sorry if I made this too long.

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Dancingsolo, I don't think there really is a "normal" when it comes to local Nutcrackers. There are a gazillion of them, and all are run differently. The directors have the right to choose the dancers they want. If there are open auditions for people from other schools, and they don't use any of them, that would be a bit unfair, but there is really nothing one can do about it because it is not illegal. Were there some dancers from other schools who were cast in the production?

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It is too bad that they hold auditions if they are not going to cast dancers from other schools, but, I'm afraid that there is nothing to do about it. It is not the most ethical thing to do, that's for sure, but as I said, not illegal. :clapping:

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