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Whether to get involved or not?


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Nutcracker week here and rehearsals just moved from studio to stage. DS (age 7) totally thrown by the change of venue and not sure where to be on the stage and felt like the only person who was clueless. DS (kind of shy) was too embarrassed to ask for help and felt like the entire rehearsal was a disaster and his fault. DS came home wanting to quit Nutcracker (obviously this isn't going to happen). My question is this: The AD is entirely consumed by putting on the production, as one would expect, so I don't think I can really go up to her and ask her to specially help my kid; but on the other hand, I think if someone could just watch out a little in rehearsal until DS is oriented a little better, it would be a better experience for DS and help the production a bit, too. It's the party scene so there are a lot of people going in different directions and I think he's kind of overwhelmed. What would you do? I don't want to be "that mom" but I hate to see my baby so sad.


Thanks in advance.

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Is there a teacher who works on the production who you could ask instead of the AD? It is not unusual at all for a young student to be disoriented when they first go on stage. That's what rehearsals are for! ;) But, a little help from someone could also be beneficial to him. If not a teacher, how about one of the adult dancers playing parents or grandparents or Drosselmeier?

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Thanks, Mrs. Leigh. I was thinking of asking the his teacher from regular classes who is there but not actually in charge of that scene. I just didn't know if that was done or if I would be interfering too much or not. I will try asking her and see what she suggests. We're new to ballet so I never know how much I should insert myself into these things. Thank you for your quick reply -- we're back to rehearsal this evening!

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Very good, Huckleberry! Hope it helps. Let us know.

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I won't keep dragging this topic along forever; but I just wanted to say that I spoke with one of the party ladies who is also a part time teacher at the school and she was very reassuring (to me *and* my son!). She assured me that he was by no means the only confused one and that he would find it easier the second day (it was) but I could also see during rehearsal that the older party girls and party boys were helping him when he looked uncertain. By the second run through he was feeling much more confident.


The company and school are so chock full of kind people that want the kids to do well, I was probably silly to worry about him in the first place. Anyway, thanks for your help/advice for an overly worried mom yesterday.

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