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Natural fabric ballet tights


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I'm pretty sure my daughter is allergic to her micro fibre ballet tights. She is complaining of itchy legs after ballet, and her skin is red when she takes them off. Can anyone suggest brands of tights that are made primarily of cotton or any other natural fabric (silk, bamboo, wool)? I've tried buying just regular tights for my daughter, and she's not thrilled with the idea, since they look quite different from ballet tights. Perhaps it's the opacity that she's objecting to, or maybe it's the colour, I'm not really sure. In any case, since her skin seems to be getting more sensitive with each exposure, she'll be stuck with regular non-ballet tights unless I can find a suggestion on this board.


It would be extra awesome if they could be found in Canada.



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Are you sure that it's the fiber that's causing the irritation? Microfiber is most often polyester or polyamide (nylon, etc.). These fibers are less likely to be allergens, but it is possible. I wonder if her reaction is to the dyestuffs or sizing used by the manufacturer. The reason I bring this up is that an allergy to polyesters and polyamides has larger implications throughout her life, and perhaps a trip to the dermatologist or allergist is indicated.

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Not sure about what the fabrics are, but these threads discuss different brands of tights, so perhaps they will help:

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Please help me find tights


There are a bunch more over in Cross Talk- all you have to do is run a search for tights! I think Mondor is a Canadian company. Perhaps you could phone them and explain the dilemma?

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