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Ballet schools in Florida - Tallahassee


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I hope it's OK to start this topic. There is a thread with Tallahassee mentioned, but it really focuses on Destin and Panama City.


I'm looking to move my son to a more serious dance school here and I've got it narrowed down to three: SABA, World Ballet or Tallahassee Ballet. I don't know anyone personally with any knowledge of World Ballet (we are going to see their Nutcracker tonight). I only hear great things about SABA, but they are only ballet and my son enjoys jazz and LOVES tap and I know he'll never get to take that there. Neither World Ballet nor the school section of Tallahassee Ballet has tap either, but they do have jazz and Tallahassee Ballet has a teacher with some amazing tap on Youtube. Both World and Tallahassee Ballet's school are relatively new so there may be a chance it may happen in the future.


The school for us MUST be a good place for boys with teachers who understand boys (which is easy for them to say when I ask). Both World and SABA have a boys track with classes just for them when they get older. Tallahassee Ballet does not, but their web site says they have a waiting list for a boys class, so maybe they are checking for interest?


Anyway, I'd love any insight you can give.



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Honestly, I think your best bet is to take him to all 3 places and have him take a trial class. It's hard to tell anything from a website, except I can say that SABA's schedule does not look intense enough for a more advanced dancer, and I also think Mission Statements can tell you a bit about the overall philosophy.

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