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DEGAS tunic


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I accidentally posted this in Crosstalk instead of here ....please delete it from either place if you need to. Thanks!


I was looking at the Degas tunics online...so pretty, expensive...but maybe a nice xmas gift from "Santa"! LOL

I am not sure what size to get though...It seems that the adult sizes are T0 to T4 and I looked at the size chart but I am unable to figure it out.



I am used to the old inch method here in the US.

I would love some help to figure it out! My measurements are as follows Bust34" Waist27" Hips33"(but 38" at absolute fullest part of butt) Girth58". I am 5 ft 6". I am also a D cup but am pretty pert still so I don't have trouble with too much hanging out or bouncing around in class. I would imagine that I am a T3 or T4 as they are the largest sizes.


I am in love with the tunic design here; http://www.degasusa.com/special-order-detail.php?ref=2528


Also...please...what is the difference between lined and unlined? And what on earth is meryl and is it better than lycra?

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Also...please...what is the difference between lined and unlined? And what on earth is meryl and is it better than lycra?


Oh, you're going to want lined, especially since you've got more than an A-cup. Lined is literally what it means: there's an extra lining sewn into the inside of your leotard (usually either a flesh toned stretch fabric or sometimes just another layer of the same fabric inside) to protect against see-through-ability or to keep the chest area from being too... um... pokey and bouncey. Please censor my post if it's unacceptable. Full lining typically covers the entire inside-front of the leotard, and the back. Front lining covers the entire inside-front of the leotard. Shelf lining only covers the chest area and is usually the norm in most leotards. My personal preference is to always have some kind of lining, shelf at the very least. I'm only an A in bra size, but I just hate not having that extra coverage and won't even purchase a light/pastel leotard if it doesn't come with some kind of lining.

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I have purchased from them a couple of times. I would suggest calling. The woman who answers is very helpful. She has never steered me wrong with my daughter. Hope this helps...

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