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I was dancing seriously since I was two and quit this past June, because of money issues. I'm currently 15 years old. (16 in June) I was doing auditions, and everything. Now that my family's money situation is getting better, my mom said I could go back to ballet, because that's all I want for Christmas. I'm just worried about auditioning & everything. My dream is to become a professional dancer, and I don't picture myself doing anything else in the future. I feel like it's going to be very tough getting back into it. With a lot of hard work and dedication, is there still hope for a professional career? Thank you!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, allisonscharf :)


The title of your topic says you have been out almost two years, but your post sounds like only since June. Which one is correct?


In any case, there is no way that we can know about your potential for a professional career, but, you can't know either unless you get back into it full time. At 15, you should have a good chance of catching up, especially if it has only been a few months. Two years is a very long time, especially at the age where a great deal of the progress takes place, between 13 and 15. However, if you have the talent, and if you have the quality and quantity of training, it could be possible.

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