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Academic Schools with ballet?


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I was just wondering if anyone knows any good schools, where they have academics and ballet? If they are out of Toronto do you know any with boarding?


Samantha :bouncing:

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There are oodles and oodles! Please read through the Residential ballet forum. You will have to do your own research. I will begin you with a few, all in the USA...


The HARID Conservatory, Kirov Academy of Ballet, Virginia School for the Arts, North Carolina School for the Arts (although the name is different now but you might still be able to run a search under that name), Bossov Academy and Interlochen, to name a few.


Good luck! :bouncing:

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SamanthaBright, Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! We are glad you have joined us.


Now, as for your question, well, you've found the correct forum (Pre-Professional Schools/Residence Programs) now you just need to look through it a bit. There are a number of school listed in this Forum with Residency programs. The forum is arranged alphabetically, so you can easily look through it for names you recognize, then drop into the dedicated thread (everything in each thread is about that particular school) and see what you can learn. If you have additional questions about specific schools, simply post on that thread.


As for schools in Canada, you will find several listed here: e.g., National Ballet of Canada School, Goh Ballet Academy, Quinte Ballet School, Royal Winnepeg Ballet School, School of Alberta Ballet. There may be others. Perhaps a search for 'Canada ballet schools' will also help you.


As this particular Forum is set up for threads on specific schools, I will move this thread to the General Discussion forum, in case there is further discussion or help offered.

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dancemaven, excellent job naming schools in Canada! The two Canadian schools with Residences (that I am aware of) are NBS and RWBS. NBS is the only school with ballet and academics in one location.

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