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December delights


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Day 2 after that amazing back adjustment, four hours of class last night, and I slept without pain and woke up without pain. Long may it last!

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Back to class last night after a month off (and only a month and a half after my re-return...)


I'm hoping my knees will stay injury free for a long while.

I am forbidden to grand plie right now, and retire/passe on my left leg is painful, so I skipped it when easily could, but otherwise the class was pain free. I did ice when I got home, but I felt better after class than I did after my last PT session.


Fingers crossed I can make it through the month.



AND I got a compliment on how well I use the floor in my tendu and degage. (Otherwise I was a bit of a mess... I had only been back for a short time, and then missing a month, I'm behind in this class, even though I really should be ahead of it based on where I was dancing 4 years ago...)

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This is a cool idea! Delights (and depressions alike) shared..hope I may join in??

I had a great barre last night....got a compliment from another adult that I "am getting SOO good"...was really nice to hear. My arabesques are getting a lot better...am able to keep my hips forward and my back up...getting there. I thought my glissandes and assembles were almost there but they went back to their usual less than perfect selves last night...don't know why but I guess that on the learning curve there are ups and downs though generally I am on an up! :)

My side lifting of my right leg is so much better, though the left is weaker. How do I help my left side to get better?

Went for drinks with some of the girls after class which was super fun! It's nice to make friends as I work from home and get lonely :(

Ballet folks are so classy and cultured...LOVE that!

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I'm finally back in class after three years! And, not only that, but I'm finding that I'm not in as horrible shape as I thought.

Keeping up and improving with each class, and my teachers seem happy with my progress.

And, my grandmother has decided to help me out with my tuition for this year, so no more stress about that! I can afford to eat again :(

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It's December - I LOVE dancing to Christmas music (can I say Christmas here?) Regardless, I love dancing to Christmas music!!

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Woo-hoo!!! It may not sound much, but AT LAST a properly executed double pirouette, starting and finishing in the right place with no wobbling or hopping :sweating: Our teacher had just said, "I don't want to hear what's wrong with it, I just want you to do it!" so I did!!


Of ourse all the others I did were rubbish, but at least if I CAN do it once I should be able to do it again, shouldn't I?! (at least on the same leg and turning the same way! :rolleyes: )


I probably have Serendipity to thank, as I saw her post talking about doing ¼, ½ and ¾ turns before doing a whole one, and so I've been practising them all week that way. So.......


:(Thanks Serendipity!! :jump:

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WOW! That's great, Merry!! One leads to two, two to three and then after that you're consistent with your doubles - pretty much (depends on how much sleep I've had the day before...).


I'm still floating on air because of the 8 consecutive singles from fifth on pointe.


Last night, had a great class. Brats weren't there, another teacher in the studio joined us for exercise (so that made two of us adults) and I jumped and really tried and worked my jetes. I mean, I CROSSED the feet in the air before landing and all! I don't remember doing that since I was at least 24 years old.


I'm also still okay with the back, after all that jumping. I know it sounds like a broken record, but I've had this problem with the SI joint for around 2 years. The mobility is SO good right now...I just hope I don't do anything stupid to mess it up.

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First Nutcracker performance ever last night, and it went well! :) Rather a relief, considering everything that went wrong at dress rehearsal on Thursday.


I was so calm before going on that I was a bit worried, no butterflies at all, but that seems to have been a good indicator. One of the other dancers said I had "nerves of steel" considering that I'd arrived at the the theater without having been able to find my shoes (which, thank god, were still sitting in the dressing room from Thursday night) and yet appeared unflustered. I think that was more resignation to things continuing to go wrong than anything else, really.

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I went back to the barre, finally!


Still a slowly getting better, but not on meds for a few days now, and dance was sooooo good!


Nothing fantastic... a few nice double pirouettes and pique en dedans... and a great petite allegro... it just felt so good to be back. :-)


Je Suis, which Black Swan leo did you get? I'm coveting the gray Wendy. Still waiting for my Vala and an order from Danskin.

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Sorry for the double-posting dudettes, but this is the awesomest day I've had in months. All small things, but they add up. Even though I'm still coughing slightly.... I....


1. went to dance today

2. it's snowing! huzzah!

3. my college basketball team won

4. my holiday plans should be working out

5. and, just now, my danskin order arrived.... want to try it all on but the leos are cold (due to outside snow!)... will wait til they are room temperature!

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Just so happy to be back in class.

Due to the Nutcracker cast not taking class Saturday was only 4 students, and a sub teacher. The class went very well, although now my RIGHT knee is hurting.. not cool knees!... still no grande plie in sight for me, but I was able to passe without much pain.

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Trying to see the upside in the snow - walking in it has made me realise how bad my supinating is, and how much of this is due to poor firing in my hip rotators. I was rolling out against the side of my snow boots so badly that I had big swollen lumps on my peroneal tendons. I can now go back to grassroots and fix some big alignment problems! :)


My physio exercises for my hip rotators have let me feel 'pulled up' properly through my hips for the first time, with my glute meds and min actually engaged and supporting the movement. Very strong and uppy feeling!!


Five years in and I'm just learning how to stand up straight! :blink:

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