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Ballet/hockey mom

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My daughter has been dancing since she was 3, she will be 11 in March. She LOVES the dancer teacher that she has but wants to dance more. She can only do so many classes (3) with her current teacher. She is now dancing with a Russan instructor and commutes 2 days a week to train with him. I ask her all the time if it is too much and she always says no. Is dancing 5 days a week too much for this age? She has very strong legs as she has been skating (hockey) since she was 3. She just started pointe this fall too. (only 1 class). She maintains a 98 + GPA so she balances it all very well. I welcome your thoughts!

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Hello Ballet/hockey mom, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :wink:


Since this is just the Welcoming forum, and you have asked a question, I'm going to move this thread to Parents of Dancers under 13. You will get far more response there. :)

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Now for your question. Since your daughter seems to love to dance, and is doing well in school, I don't see any problem with 5 days a week. Most serious students of her age and even older wish that they could dance that many days! I must ask, though, is she still skating? If so, you might need to consider less dancing, or eliminate the skating. At some point in time she, probably in the next couple of years, she will need to make a decision between the two activities if she intends to be serious about either one.

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She has decreased her skating to a girls team, not a travel and only participates in weekend games. Her dance is during the week. She LOVES both and I think she knows she will have to make decision of which I know will be dance. Dancing is her true passion...when her feet aren't moving, or she doesn't stop to "stretch" on the stairs or a chair, then I know she is sick! :) She does ballet about 8 hours a week, Russian character 1 1/2 hours a week, and jazz and tap for 2 hours. I enjoy watching her grow from week to week..to watch the passion in her face and the expression she is developing with her body as she matures. I look forward to the many years to come....

Thank you!

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