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How are my feet?


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I hope that this link works and that it's ok to ask for critique and opinions?


I have been back at ballet for about three and a half months and am working super hard doing three to four classes a week and practising a lot at home.

I have a dream...and that is to eventually go on pointe! I know it will take lots of time...but I would LOVE it...I am like a little kid about pointe shoes! ;)

I wonder if I have the feet, ankles and legs for it??

My big toe is quite long and strong but curls up...I can't do too much about this but I was wondering if it might be a help or a hindrance?

My ankles seem strong....but how do they look?

I would just welcome overall opinions.....thanks!


I don't have pretty feet in the foot model sense...lol...sorry! ;)


I also have toes on both feet that join together a bit and I DID break the second toe on my right foot a few years ago by kicking my easel by accident! THAT hurt!

I have no pain atall in it now though.

I often wear platforms and stilletto heels but tend to walk on the b a l l s of my feet ( so I don't slip or fall as they are often high) so I think that this is why my ankles feel strong! :thumbsup:


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Need more pictures of your foot actually pointing. The instep's very high, though, which is good. I have a very long big toe and that's not been a hindrance. You appear to have a low arch (arch is under, instep's the top of the ankle) but because of that lovely instep, it shouldn't be a problem either (I'm jealous of your instep!).


How long did you take ballet before?

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**Please bear in mind that the only person who can really give you a definite answer on this is your teacher, as s/he can see you dance in person.**


That said, in terms of the structure and flexibility of your feet, I do not see anything that would prevent you from standing on pointe properly. You do have long toes, which make a prettier line in flat shoes, but which are harder to stand on when on pointe; however, with the appropriate shoe, that is not really a problem as long as you use correct technique.


Now it is time to work hard, do at least 3 90-minute ballet technique classes per week for at least three years (and remember, this is a minimum--more is better!) and follow your teacher's advice and recommendations.

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I'm going to second Hans' advice here. I totally know where you're coming from rlyons, in terms of wanting to improve asap. I know I have pushed myself at times, definitely. However, I firmly believe that for 99% of folks out there, a slow boil approach is necessary -- don't get so caught up in tomorrow that you forget to work on what needs to be worked on today, and make sure you have goals that are about the 'now'. I agree with the sticky that around 3 years of training is necessary -- even if your feet or ankles might be strong, pointe involves more than that, including a mastery of vocabulary (both terms and execution of movement), substantial core strength, etc. And, I'm guessing, by the time you are ready, your feet may have changed a bit as well!

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Thanks for such a swift reply, Hans.


I had posted a reply & explanation on this thread when I moved it but it's gone into the ether!


Here's roughly what I wrote before:


rlyons, I'm moving your thread to the Adult Dancers forum, as that's where we discuss technique, and we generally wait for one of our expert Teacher Mods to come along and comment from their vast expertise (and generosity in sharing it!). Our Teacher Mods are Victoria Leigh, Mel Johnson, Clara, VRS, and Hans, who has given you some feedback here, which I think you will find useful.


In future, if you want this expertise, we have the convention that you use the 'Shrug' smiley in the title of your post :) so then a Teacher Mod will know to come along and advise.

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Serendipity, I danced from about the age of 8 to 12 or so, but only once a week and not in the summer, etc.. I loved it but was never I guess a "serious" student though I often got a good role in our little ballets!

Thanks for the instep comment.....I actually did the arch test and it appeared to be medium high...so surprised it doesn't look that way...:)


Hans, I know...I am about to ask my teacher...just wanted some other input. I already do 3 to 4 classes a week and also practise at home...I wish my local school had even more classes. I could take an extra class back to back with my Saturday morning class I guess. That would be a class of two and a half hours...is that too long?


Amie...wow! 3 years!? That IS a long time! I thought two...oh well....maybe should ONLY concentrate on technique right now and not even be thinking about this...though I suppose it's fun to dream :blink:


Redbookish, thanks for the advice. Am learning a I go :)

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Please, please, please read the facts of life about pointe work -- although the ages don't matter for us, the type and years of training do!!!




As it stands, the once-a-week classes from 8-12 probably help you with some of the language, but your body definitely will not have that in memory, and at those ages, once a week is just not enough.


It is fun to dream, and goodness knows we all have dreams! But don't let the dreams become so all-pervasive that your pursuit of them actually makes you not achieve them, if that makes sense. Technique is the foundation for everything.


Also, you may want to be careful about what you practice at home -- it's super easy to develop bad habits, especially as you've only been dancing for a few months. Have you asked your teacher for exercises to do at home? It may be more helpful to do pilates, stretch, or the like, than to 'practice ballet' on your own.

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Hans, will do that then! The first Saturday mornign class is slower (more technique based) and the one that follws is a little faster but still easier than my other three classes. The technique classes would probably help me greatly! Thanks!


Serendipity, have added more pointing feet pics to the link.


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I had already read that sticky, actually, it is VERY helpful and useful info..thanks so much.

Our teacher tells us to practice many steps at home....like glissades and tells us to stretch also.

Don't worry...I don't want my dream to ruin it all...:)

I understand that "technique is the foundation for everything" as you say...and I know I am far from having good technique yet. I just want to learn lots!

Three years it is...so be it...:blink:

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It's still really hard to tell the arch. Instep, as I said, looks great.


Some schools will let you take pointe classes in your flat shoes, btw, which can be good for at least learning what they do, even if you're not on pointe yet. That's something to ask.


I also wholeheartedly agree with Hans about asking your teacher. I was told I shouldn't do pointe at all but my teacher said that if she'd never seen me work, but only looked at photos, then she would have had the same opinion. Since she saw me in class every other day or so, and in private lessons, she disagreed with the original assumption.


I only asked because your feet look quite muscled. :-)

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Maybe the muscle is from my big platforms and stillettoe heels!? Could that be it?

I will talk to my teacher about future possible pointe...I am nervous to ask him as I am a little shy! :blushing:

Thats a cool idea to take pointe classes in flat shoes...:)

By the way, the idea of muscly feet makes me laugh out loud! Had NO idea they could be so!!!! :D

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It should be ok to talk to your teacher about possibly going on pointe in the future. Be prepared, though, for him to not give you a straight answer! :D He can't predict how well you will dance or how ready you will be three years from now. You probably know that, but sometimes it helps to have it said, just so it doesn't come as a total shock and sound like dream-crushing. It is also important to be able to trust your teacher and accept what he says. Sometimes when we really want something, it can be difficult to listen to answers that are not what we want to hear, and some students will even try to bully an inexperienced teacher into letting them try things they aren't ready for! I am sure you would never do that; I just want to emphasise the necessity of choosing a really good teacher, and then trusting him/her enough to really listen to his/her honest opinion, whatever that may be. :)

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Thanks for the advice, Hans. I almost asked my teacher tonight but got nervous at the last minute, which is funny as we joke around about non ballet issues. He is a very experienced and amazing teacher who is very positive and remarks on my dramatic improvement since I started almost four months ago :)

I think he will be honest and I have a good feeling about this anyhow...I just fear that he will think me silly asking so far in advance of my being ready :blushing:

But...it would be good to know what he thinks, I guess... and also, if enough people are interested, he might even introduce a pre pointe adult class...you never know! We already have five great adult classes a week :D


Thanks all for the info...so helpful and encouraging:)

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