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Sorry, another tights question . . .


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I would go back and look at older posts but when I went to our local dance store I was told that two of the more well known companies have recently gone out of business so I am assuming the older posts are no longer applicable. My son is 9 and recently decided that he would prefer to start wearing tights like the older boys at his school instead of his dance shorts. Our local dance store only carries a very limited supply of men's tights - I bought an extra small pair of men's black tights knowing in advance they would probably be too big since he is not tall enough for them yet because they are very good quality - very thick and "tight" compared to some other brands, knowing that at least he would grow into them one day. Of course, they were too big for now. So I ordered a pair of boys tights from Body Wrappers that fit in terms of height but we are not as happy with the quality - they are a much thinner material and they are shinny (which we don't think looks very good), they are actually more like a snugger fitting pair of dance pants with feet as opposed to what I consider a good pair of tights to be - they really don't fit "tight", especially around the knees. My son isn't expecially skinny (has good muscular dancer legs)so it's not a matter of the material hanging on him because he can't fill it out. Does anyone have any recommendations for tights by a company that is still in existance that are black, not shinny, thick, with a nice tight fit?? I'm fine with ordering off the internet and trying several brands until we find the right one. At this point I really don't care how much they cost!! Thanks in advance!

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My son likes the M. Stevens tights but they are shiny. He also has a pair of Wear Moi tights and they are tight and non-shiny. Here is a link to their site: http://www.wearmoiusa.com/Merchant2/mercha...roduct_Count=14


He also likes to cut a hole in the bottom of each foot so he can slip the feet off and put on shoes after dance.


I hope that helps!

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Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered the WearMoi tights and my son loves them!!

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