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How to deal with frustration


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How can I deal with frustration without having it preoccupy me and just make my classes really unproductive? I haven't been dancing for as long as the other people in my level at my school, so I think I'm challenged a lot more than them, and I'm apt to get really frustrated with myself, and upset which makes it difficult to focus (obviously I don't stand at the barre making a scene, it's an internal thing :P ) I really want to improve but I feel like I don't have the strength and ability to easily memorize combinations like my classmates, and I struggle a lot particularly in one teacher's class.


How can I deal with my discouragement and turn it into PRODUCTIVITY and motivation? And get back on track :)

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The first step is to accept the fact that you started later, and that it might take you a little bit longer to get there. Stop making comparisons to other students and just do the work. Give yourself the chance to make the improvements, put the focus on doing the work and not on what others are doing. Do as much extra work as you can, maintain a VERY positive attitude, appreciate corrections and work on them, and just do your thing. It's not about anyone else, it's about you in class.

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Thanks for starting this topic! I get very, very irritated with myself when I feel I cant get something right. Now at least I know I am not th eonly one :D

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