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Black Shorts

Guest poetandlyric

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Guest poetandlyric

I have two girls that have danced for a long time but now my six year old son is starting class in January. The boys wear black shorts. I'm not usually at the studio for the boys class so I haven't had a chance to ask the parents this question. Are they just regular Under Armour shorts? or are they something more special? I feel like I'm starting all over! Thanks!


Oh, and the socks, they wear white socks with white slippers. What kind of socks? I was thinking about picking his dance clothes up and wrapping them up and putting them under the tree.

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My DS has two pairs of shorts that we got from tutu.com and one pair that we found at Target that are Champion brand. I like the Target ones better because of the length (they are to just at his knees where as the tutu.com ones are just a little past mid-thigh) but when I realized how great they were and went back, they didn't have them anymore.


For socks wears very thin athletic socks since his dance shoes are fitted and thicker socks would be uncomfortable.


Hope that helps!

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When my son was six, he wore the black shorts that came with his soccer uniform. They were a little baggy, but he felt comfortable in them.


I got him thin white socks from the girls department, they worked fine and he never knew which area of the store they came from.

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Ask your school to find out if they have a specific dress code. Most will just say black bike shorts. At 6, you might be better off looking in the girls department for some type of black tight/short - same design but smaller, more narrow. It can be hard to get something to fit snugly for such young boys. Second the girls socks - they are thinner than boys' socks. My DS still gets his white socks (when he has to wear them) in the women's section.

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When my son danced at his summer intensive, they wanted him to wear Motionwear 7105 bike shorts. Here is a link: http://www.sfdancewear.com/product.php?Cat...;Product_ID=497


For jazz, he wears really lightweight underarmour shorts and dance briefs underneath them or tight boxer briefs.


He likes the Gap socks because they are light and not from the girls section.


Have fun shopping!

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My son wears the Champion brand black shorts from Target. They are super inexpensive but they last forever (I don't put them in the dryer). I bought a few pairs in the store and then ordered some on the Target website when they ran out of his size in the store. Do check to make sure the school doesn't specify a brand and style however, some schools want a very specific type of black short.

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I forgot to add that my son also prefers to wear girl's socks because they are thinner and have tighter fit than boy's socks.

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