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Ballet Routine for "Hello World" by Lady Antebellum?


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Hello. My name is Sarah, lol.

I am taking part of a pageant in February, 2011. I have to have a talent, so i decided to do ballet. I have taken ballet when i was about 7 and quit when I was 8.

I decided to dance to "Hello World" by Lady Antebellum. I think its a very beautiful, delicate, and touching song. I chose it because its unusual to the judges in the Miss Sweetheart pageant and it has partial suspense and touching eras. The reason i wrote this forum is because I need a perfect, professional routine. I didnt want to spend $30 to learn the routine from a dance teacher. So, can anyone help me out here? Im asking for you to film yourself dancing to this song, thoroughly. It is about 5:00 minutes long. If you will, please post a video of yourself dancing. I am 13, btw. I'd like some jumps, twirls, and spins where the suspense and action eras build up, usually after the first chorus and so on through out the song. Its very beautiful and i think it would touch the audience, and get me a perfect score. So i will ask again, can you please video yourself dancing (with jumps, twirls & spins) thoroughly thru the song with a tutorial? Thanks...

I need to start practicing atleast 1-2 months before the pageant, well because practice makes perfect! Thank you sooo much! Im so glad i found this blog.(:




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I'm sorry, Sarah, but this is not what we do here. You are not a trained ballet dancer, and therefore you should not be thinking about ballet being your talent. You cannot learn ballet by watching someone do a dance. You must be trained. I strongly suggest that you find a teacher and a choreographer if you are insistent upon ballet for your talent.


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