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Hey, I signed up for a ballet class offered by my university next semester. I have always wanted to take ballet, and it also provides some gen ed credit. Is there anything I should know before I start taking the class. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, zachh, and welcome to ballet talk for dancers. You've taken your first and for many hardest step just by deciding to take ballet!



On entering this whole new (to you) way of moving, you'll discover that you don't really know what your body is capable of doing, and while it's a given that you'll be startled by the things you are expected to do with your legs and feet, many other adult (or near-adult) beginners are astonished at what you have to do with your arms, hands and shoulders. I predict that there's where you're going to feel your first twinges. Don't be put off by the artificial feel of the carriage of the whole body, but just go with it. You'll find out that it's fun after the initial shock! :)

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