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Can anyone advise in the level of ballet programs at OU, TCU and Mercyhurst College? My daughter was accepted at Mercyhurst via an RDA festival last spring. But she is really interested in OU. She will be auditioning to OU and TCU in January. Any advice on comparisons would be greatly appreciated!

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My daughter graduated in May from Mercyhurst College and was very happy there. She is now an apprentice at a professional company.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Kim3blessings. Please take a little time to nose around this site---and especially this Forum---and see how we do things and what we have to offer.


I'm sorry to do this on your first post, but . . . we do not permit or encourage direct comparisons among programs---for many reasons, the primary one being essentially that 'what is one man's trash is another man's treasure'. What we DO encourage is for our members to post their first-hand experiences with the various programs, along with questions and answers on the dedicated threads we have established for the programs. That way we have empirical information to offer to our members for them to do their own compare/contrast and evaluation of the program in light of their own dancer's individual needs, wants, desires, skill-level, experiences, etc.


The programs you are interested are included in our dedicated thread listing, which is arranged alphabetically. Please post any questions you have on the specific programs on the appropriate thread.


Best wishes on your Dancer's college search!

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Thank you for your kind words. I apologize if I wrote things in the wrong way. We were just trying to see if anyone had experiences with these three schools. I do understand your views and rules though on postings. Thanks for taking the time to inform me of them.




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