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Convertible tights


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I usually wear regular pink tights but I accidentally bought a pair of black convertible tights. This is a real neophyte question, but how do they work? I know I can wear them as normal tights...that part I have down..you just have a little "hole" on your sole but how do you wear them otherwise? Thanks...I know I am a bit thick :thumbsup:

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Once you've got them over the foot, you put your toes through the hole and roll them up past your ankle. Then they can be footless tights :thumbsup:

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Yes, I usually tuck the toes in and roll them under.

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Then they can be footless tights


I've haven't found a brand that had a hole big enough to not cause pain when rolled up around my calves (they are okay on the ankles). So i've never considered convertible tights as suitable for footless tights for dancing. Even when I was much skinnier- the bump from the foot is so unattractive, that unless I had to take a modern class minutes after ballet, they really weren't suitable to be footless tights.


I find them useful because a) I can slip pads onto my toes between flat shoes and pointe shoes (though I'm not in pointe shoes right now) and :thumbsup: I can flip the toes off and wear flip flops on the way to the car.

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Interestingly, I was told the other day that the hole in the bottom of the convertible tights was not there only to enable you to put your padding on your feet, but that once you have done that to move the hole backwards under the sole of the foot and expose the heel through the hole so that there is better grip for pointe shoes against the skin.

Personally I dont like the feeling AT ALL, but just thought I would share.

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