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boy who's never done ballet before


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Hey I have to go to school soon but pretty much I need to know everything regarding ballet for beginners. I'm a 15 year old boy who is into wrestling and football so ballet is going to be something entirely new. Any suggestions as far as ballet classes, what to wear to ballet class and in the recitals eventually, and how is it going to feel (just a little nervous about it).Thanks and bye!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, and congratulations on your decision to begin classes!


You should start by finding the best ballet training in your area--often (but not always) the best schools are attached to professional ballet companies. The school you choose will let you know what their dress code is. Typical ballet class attire is a fitted white t-shirt, black tights, black shoes (or white shoes with white socks over the tights) and a dancebelt for support. Some schools may let you try a few classes in more relaxed clothing at first.


If you can find a school with male teachers and all-boys' classes, so much the better!


You may be nervous for your first class, but don't worry--a good teacher will slowly and carefully teach you the basics of ballet technique, and he or she will make sure you fully understand each concept before moving on to anything more complicated. Ballet is hard work, but it is also really fun!

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