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head direction in jeté


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In class the other day we did a jump combination that went sauté arabesque, sauté coupé, sauté arabesque, glissade, jeté, jeté, jeté. I think I'm fine with the head direction on the sautés, but I wasn't sure which direction the head was supposed to look for the jetés. Are you supposed to look toward the leg that ends in plié or the leg that ends in sur le cou de pied?


Sub-question, I don't know if "sauté coupé" was the correct term above. I know that coupé is an action and sur le cou de pied is a position, but I'm not entirely certain on this application of the terminology as my instructors have always used coupé as a position of the foot (which I have learned is incorrect).

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I would probably call that a temps levé (or sauté) in cou de pied.


Where your head goes during a simple jeté depends on what your arms are doing, but if the port de bras does not demand a particular head position (for example, if the arms are en bas) a good rule to follow is to look in the direction of the leg that is in front. Be careful to watch when your teacher demonstrates the exercise, though, in case s/he does something different.

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