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I've really been looking into a new ballet school. The school I'm at now is starting to drift from ballet. I've been checking out Princeton Ballet School and was wondering if anybody had any opinions on it? Do they give out scholarships? Any input is appreciated!

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Oddly enough, I could not find a thread about Princeton Ballet School in the section for individual programs. If you look in the Summer Intensive area, you will find a listing for Princeton Ballet School. I know I have seen that thread in the past.


You might want to try googling some news articles. Princeton Ballet School has undergone some big changes this year. Lots of changes with the previous head of the school/artistic director leaving, etc. I mention this because information about the school from previous years may not be accurate any more.


Depending on where you are in NJ, you might want to also look at Princeton Dance and Theater and NJ Ballet. Also, the former director of Princeton Ballet opened a new school and company in New Brunswick, Lustig Dance Theater. Lots of choices in NJ these days.

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My daughter attended their summer intensive this past summer and liked it. She felt she improved and she liked the teachers. Based on her summer experience, she is applying to Rider University as a dance major. Rider has an affiliation with the Princeton Ballet School.

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Yeah, I've been googling them a lot trying to find information with not much success. I really want to know if they offer scholarships. Maybe I'll just have to visit or call the school

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Both my daughters attended the school, the training is very good and the teachers are excellent. They have a dedicated group of instructors that have been with the school a long time. You would have to go in for an evaluation and they would place you from there. They have two tracks, a regular program for the recreational dancer and a program for students who would like to dedicate more time and are considering dance as a possible career or as a college major. They also have a pre-pro program. They do offer merit based scholarships, but I think only for the older dancers,( but I may be wrong) and they do have financial assistance scholarships. There are 2 studios in which they dance out of, Princeton and Cranbury which is about 15 - 20 minutes from the Princeton area. If you google Princeton Ballet School, you will come up with a link for American Repertory Ballet which is their professional company. You can get information for their school from that link. Good Luck!

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Thank you so much for the info! I am interested in considering dance as a possible career. I'll talk to my parents, visit the school, and hopefully I'll be able to study there (with a scholarship hopefully!) Again, thank you for the info!

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Affordable and Princeton?


Do you have transportation? If so, most of the 20-somethings I know live either north of Princeton (such as North Brunswick) or south of Princeton (Hamilton, Bordentown, etc)

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Affordable and Princeton?


Haha, yes it was a quick realization that this is not actually possible.


We will have transportation. Looked at apartment complexes in Plainsboro yesterday, looking at Ewing and Hamilton today. Just wondering if anyone had any other ideas or suggestions.

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