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I just got an email that my Saturday ballet class is being turned into a recital class. (I take class at an all forms dance studio. They do a spring recital, and all the dance classes begin to focus more on performance pieces. In an attempt to keep the ballet curriculum more formal, there are "technique" ballet classes and "recital" ballet classes. This was a 1 hour technique class. Now it will be a 30 minute barre, and 30 minutes of recital preperation.)


At this point, I really am not interested in doing a recital class. Normally I would, as I love to perform, but I only have 2 1-hour classes a week to begin with. Taking it down to 1 class and a barre doesn't seem adequate to have the growth I'm looking for (I'd like to get back to pointe). The problem is, there isn't much in the schedule that I can switch to, as M/T are recital classes, I'm in the Wednesday class, Thursday is before I get off work, no Friday classes at the studio, and now Saturday is recital too... ARGH!


So what would you do?


1) Stay in the 2 classes I'm in now, and either do the recital, or just learn the recital piece, but opt not to perform (a valid choice, but kind of seems like a waste)


2) See if I can go to a higher level class on Monday (although that would mean I have to drop my tap class- no big deal though...) I'm level 4. The class i'm needing to move out of is 3/4, and this Monday class is level 5. I don't think it would be too big of a stretch, but it might be full.


3) Drop the 2nd ballet class and just take 1 ballet class a week. :o At least I'm not spending money on a class that doesn't suit my needs.


4) Drop the studio, and go to the one across town. It's more expensive (but not by much), and further away, but probably better training anyway. I don't know if they'd let me dance with the kids. (I took a few classes there when I was looking for a studio and they were basic basic, but that told me they don't let you move on until you should.) I kind of hate this idea since I can't grande plie right now, I don't really want to go to new teachers. But I do think it's a good studio. Just wish it was closer. I could get 2 classes a week here, maybe 3.


5) Keep my 1 ballet class at my current studio and add a class at the studio across town. I'd tell both studios i'm doing this, of course.



I'm so sad. I really like the Saturday class, although, I was about to post about how I think the teacher ignores me. It's a good class, and as another teacher told me I'm a "self corrector", but she's never given me a specific correction, and I kind of think that's odd.

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I think I'm going with switch studios. The studio that is further from my house is probably better anyway... and I can take 3 ballet classes there a week. I'm taking a placement class on Friday, and then I'll figure out what my January schedule is. I feel so bad dropping the current studio though.

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How long are the classes at the new studio? An hour just doesn't seem like enough time for a full class.

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No, it's not- but we get a 30-45 minute barre and then usually a tendu or developpe combination in center, possibly a piroutte combination, and if there is time one across the floor- usually balance/waltz turn. I mistyped, the classes are actually 75 minutes, but we easily lose 15 minutes per class in the "getting started chatter", the attendance taking, and the "pay attention to the teacher" admonishments. One of the teachers runs a very tight ship, but the other just can't get the respect she deserves (even though I actually prefer her teaching, which is why I deal with it). The next level up has 90 minute classes, and from what I can see more discpline, but not the one I'm currently in.


The other studio it depends where I place- one way would be 2 90 classes and 1 75 minute class, the other way would be 2 90 minute classes and 1 120 minute class. (2 hours seems LONG to me...)

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You'll definitely get more time at the new studio! Hope the placement class goes well. Does the 2 hour class also include pointe?


Our adult classes are also 75 minutes but most teachers are pretty good about starting on time.

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Does the 2 hour class also include pointe?


I'm not really sure. I'm not on pointe yet, so it's moot for me. I don't see pointe classes on the schedule, I'm not sure if that's because they don't have dedicated classes, and just do it as part of the technique class or if they are "invitation only" so they aren't on the registration forms. I guess I'll find out when I'm ready for pointe again (here's hoping... right now I just want to be able to grand plie again.)


Unless it's highly recommended, I'd rather not do the 2 hour class- 90 minute seems like enough!


(I said goodbye to the teacher that I really like at the current studio last night. She was very understanding, but I was really sad. Oddly, she's the one with poor class discipline, but she does a really good job of focusing on the kids, and me, who are paying attention. Adult ballet isn't an option at that studio, as it's a 60 minute ballet/modern mix! At least the kids get supposedly 75 minutes, because 1 hour with teens chatting is really short.)

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I must say that changing studios looks like the very best option, if you havent already done that already.


Dont write the 2 hour class off just yet, depending on exactly how it is structured it may not be as bad as you think at the moment. I used to be horrified at the idea of even a 90 minute class but now regulalry take 2 classes on a Tuesday which adds up to being between 2and a half and 3 hours!


Good luck with the placement class, holding thumbs for you.

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Placement class is tonight- I'm actually really nervous. It's tough to go to a new studio and have to tell them that I can't grand plie! Thankfully, I have done 2 drop ins at this studio, so they at least know my name.

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