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Scholarships for first year students just starting ballet?


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I was wondering if there is a standard practice for offering scholarships (annual full paid) to young student just starting ballet. I realize that most scholarships are offered to the advanced dancer who has many years of experience but have never heard of a young girl who is new to ballet getting a scholarship after one year of dancing one class a week. Is this a normal practice?

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No, it is not at all a standard practice to offer young beginning dancers a scholarship. In fact, I have never heard of it happening!

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But of course it is very much up to the school that is offering it, there are no set rules to follow. If the school sees a great deal of potential and the parents are not in a financial position to increase the number of classes then why not!

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Yes, if there is an exceptionally talented student, it is possible. But, still unlikely after only one year and one class a week. Maybe a partial scholarship to help increase the classes, but full tuition paid? Usually only in State supported (as in Kirov and Bolshoi) schools.


Exceptions to everything can happen, but it is still not the norm or standard practice.

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Thanks Victoria and CDR for the reply. I was thinking it was quite rare as well.

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