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Documentaries: 40 Years of One Night Stands-Royal Winnipeg Ballet

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40 Years of One Night Stands: The Story of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet is now available on iTunes in the United States. It's a fun, family-appropriate film, with great archival material from the early days of the RWB.


The year is 1938. Winnipeg is a lonely place set in the middle of the Manitoba farmlands, a stop-off to somewhere else, a city recovering from the devastation of The Great Depression. It is into this remote centre of the Canadian prairies that two English women arrive-37-year-old Gweneth Lloyd and 23-year-old Betty Hey. What they don't know is that here, in this unlikely setting, they will start a dance group that will one day be known internationally as The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company - the first professional ballet company in Canada. Born out of nothing in the middle of nowhere, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet set the ballet world on prairie fire. From Flin Flon to Moscow, it wowed audiences and critics alike with its youth, vitality and innocent excitement. The impossible dream of two determined immigrants grew into what is now the RWB family, surviving fortune, famine, and a devastating fire.


Note to moderators: apologies for the last post, which I think was deleted because I didn't adhere to the proper title format. If something else, please advise.

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