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Hello, I'm new to this board and this is my first post, so I apologize if I am duplicating a previous discussion. I could not find anything when I searched.


I am an Adult Beginner looking for a central London based class. I have narrowed it down to the Royal Academy of Dance and the English National Ballet. They both seem well-respected and they are both about the same distance for me to travel (perhaps ENB is a bit more convenient).


I was wondering whether anyone has experience of either or both and would be willing to share their thoughts?


I studied ballet as child off and on but that has been many years ago, so I would need to start over at the very beginning.


Thanks in advance for any comments or advice.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, poogleypie!!!


I'm sure our UK-based adult ballet students will be of help!


Meanwhile, try these threads:

Classes in London


Beginner's classes in London

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Welcome to BT4D, poogleypie.


We don't tend to do comparisons here - because criteria for each person will be different. So as Clara suggests, have a look at some of the threads in the Adult Students section of the message board. There are several posters who do classes at one or the other studio -- both offer excellent teaching. For London, it's often about transport and schedules -- I know those are my criteria if I'm in London & want to do a class.

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Thanks Clara and Redbookish! I read some of the other threads which were very helpful, but I would love to hear more from anyone who has taken adult courses at RAD or ENB. My main concern would be ending up in a beginner's class which is too advanced - I want to start over at the very beginning because it has been many years (too many to say :yes:

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To be honest, I really don't think you'll know till you go! Why not ring up each organisation and ask? Both the RAD and ENB require a full term's enrolment (ie not 'open' or drop-in classes), and so a true beginners' class should start from the basics.


However, as the Spring Term starting in January is the second term of the year, you may find that even a Beginners' Class has moved on from assuming participants know absolutely nothing. Best time for that sort of absolute beginners' class is in September/October, the start of the academic year.

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Hi everyone!

I'm going to be in London over the holidays (around Dec 18-Jan 1) and was wondering if any of the open classes around the city will be going on at that time. I couldn't find any info about it on the Pineapple and DanceWorks websites, and I am not sure what other schools to check. I'm really hoping everything isn't closed down over the holidays like it usually is back here in Canada!...


Anyone happen to know?


Thanks in advance!

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Things tend to close down from 23rd/24th December until 2nd January, but I'd email or phone the studios you're interested in attending.

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