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Television: Battle of the Nutcrackers on OVATION

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Has anyone else been watching this? They show a different "Nutcracker" each night, and, after the vote is completed, they will show the winning one on Christmas Eve. I think they will also show them all again on Christmas Day in a Nutcracker Marathon. So far, I have seen Bolshoi, Bejart, and Berlin (showing right now). Tomorrow night is Bejart again. This is really interesting!

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It's on Ovation. The Royal Ballet's production is beautiful. Another one they are showing is PNB's, but I have not seen that one yet.

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Bejart's is on tomorrow night, the Royal Ballet on Tuesday, and the Bolshoi on Wednesday. I don't see the PNB production listed, but not sure it was a part of this Battle of the Nutcrackers.

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I've heard about it but I don't know if my cable company carries the channel. Of course right now my TV is tuned into football so even if I did have it there would be no chance in watching it.

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We have been watching as well. Isn't the Royal Ballet Sugar Plum/Cavalier just breathtaking? I have Berlin's recorded, but I am too full of Nutcracker to watch yet. :thumbsup: I'm not fond the the Circus ballet.

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For those of you have seen the Royal Ballet version on Battle of the Nutcrackers, is it the one that is available on DVD which was shown on PBS a few years ago, with Alina Cojocaru?

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My daughte has been watching the Berlin Opera all night. She loves the precision. We haven't been able to catch the Royal Ballet though. Wasn't fond of the Bejart although the dancing was spectacular

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We watched it last year...I had to delete one that was not appropriate for a 6 year old! I think it may have been the French one :thumbsup: I recorded them this year also but haven't watched any!

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I watched the Bolshoi and Berlin so far. Bolshoi was way too old-fashioned for me. Berlin's beginning was a little strange but great dancing. I plan to watch the Royal tomorrow. I will stay away from the other two!

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I defend Bejart's right to do his story, but honestly, the music did not fit the story and the movements. It was quite simply, bizarre. I had to mute the sound in order to stomach it, but ended up deleting it after the March. :yes: Can't see the reason for using Tchaikovsky's music with this story.


Bolshoi's version is very historical, and the corps work is lovely. Berlin's is nice, but my fav hands down, The Royal Ballet!!!!


I have also enjoyed PNB/Sendak version, and SFB's early 20th century version as well.

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