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Sore big toe...


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:shrug: Is this the symbol I use if I want an expert opinion?

So....one day at class, a teacher we sometimes have was showing us a "machine" type thing that he uses for stretching out the feet. It's really just a piece of wood that you sit on with a little loop thing at the end which has another piece of wood on top where you put your foot and then you can stretch it...sorry...I'm not so good at explaining it. :yes:

Anyhow, I had my right foot in there and he grabbed it and pulled the toes, pulling them backward and forward. That was fine as I have fairly flexble feet but he kind of pulled my big toe out and really hurt it, so much so, that about a week and a half later, it still hurts :(

It doesn't seem to be out of the socket or anything as bad as that, but generally sore, especially when I try to point it. The joint is sore and also it feels a little numb and tingly in certain positions. Under the nail bed feels wierd also.

Is this anything serious or just a little pulled muscle or something?

Not sure how to fix it...

I was a little annoyed that he pulled it so hard! :unsure:

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You asked for it, so, here goes. Get thee to a different teacher, once you get the toe healed. :yes: Don't like "machines" for stretching anything, and definitely don't like teachers pulling or pushing on toes or anthing else. Hands on for placement, rotation, foot position, etc., fine. Pushing and pulling, not fine.

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Thanks Victoria,

We rarely have that teacher and I won't let him handle me again! :)

In the meantime, what would you say is the issue? A pulled tendon? A strain? And around how long would you say it'll take to heal? Would icing help? Or just plain rest?

Appreciate the help! :)

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Wow rlyons, for it to still hurt a week and a half later, I don't think is something minor. It may very well heal by itself but be careful - these kinds of injuries can come back and haunt you again and again.

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No serendipity, there isn't swelling or bruising...I can't see the nail as I have dark varnish on my toe nails but there might be a bruise on it...I shall take the varnish off to see. I can't believe you danced on a broken toe!!! Was it a big toe?

Comfy shoes it may have to be:( That will hurt as I am a bit of a fashionista! LOL;)

Should I tell my teacher that he hurt me or just avoid him doing this in the future?

it feel a little better today as I have taken a rest from pointing it for the last few days.

Aimee, I will see a doc if it hurts after the holiday. I won't be taking classes for the next week anyhow...perhaps a very good thing!

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I've just made a post invisible as it's suggesting potentially dangerous action. Please seek real life medical advice.

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I would tell the school director this happened. You're old enough to know what to do but if the teacher does this to kids, they might not know it's not normal. As for the teacher, I would simply say, "please don't touch me" if he goes to do anything, and leave it at that. I've only ever had to say that to one teacher who was only in one of my schools just ONCE (apparently, others had complained!!).


The time I had to dance for two weeks, it wasn't the big toe - it was the fourth one. I iced it if I had time between scenes. But I have danced on a badly injured (not broken - had that one x-rayed!!) big toe. It's not nice. I would not recommend it. However, in both cases, I had major swelling, so it was easy to see that they were badly injured. The big toe healed fast, but when the weather turns, I still feel it in that fourth toe! At least I know when the weather is changing....ahead of time! <g>


In terms of dancing, there was no replacement so I didn't have a choice. Again, it's not something I would recommend....


Last year at dance camp, on the performance day, my toes swelled in the pointe shoes between the pas and the variation performances. I had brought ice, just in case. Stuck the toes in there and they were fine. But they weren't injured - just overused. And I'll do it again this year, this time not waiting so long before icing! LOL!


Mind you, I'm relating a personal experience here and what I did, not making recommendations.

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For the benefit of any young dancers who might be reading this forum: if a director asks you to dance on a badly injured foot or other body part, it is appropriate to refuse, even if there is no alternate. You only get one body, so you might as well take care of it! You DO have a choice--better a hole in a formation or omitted soloist than an injury potentially worsened to the point where it may not heal properly. An intelligent director will not ask you to dance on a serious injury, regardless of the situation.

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I totally agree with Hans. Unfortunately, we didn't have one of those types in charge, and I was somewhat stupid about it myself (didn't want to give up dancing in a show that I had dreamed of dancing in for years - and it finally came along!!). I do not recommend doing what I did....

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Rlyons, I'm sorry your thread asking about your sore toe has been somewhat side-tracked. Ms Leigh's advice is sound, and comes from long professional experience as a professional dancer and properly trained teacher. Please seek real life medical advice as soon as possible.


To young (and old!) dancers reading here, I reiterate Hans' comments. As there is a repeated account of dancing with a known and potentially serious injury, counter to all advice from experts here, I'm going to close this thread. I'm sorry I have to do this.

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