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Muscle spasm in my right quad...


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I've been at rehearsal and performing all this past week and about three days ago I noticed that my right quadricep keeps twitching.

I feel like I'm in better shape than I've ever been, otherwise but this leg has been twitchy for several days now and it's kind of getting annoying.


Is it possibly from overworking it? I don't understand how that could happen when it's on my "good" leg.


It's a few inches above my knee, at the end of that muscle. It doesn't hurt, it's just really spastic.


Edit: I've had class or warmup before performances every day, and our teacher always has us do an hour of barre work before we do any stretching. He gives us about five minutes, we usually do the splits on all sides, and then he has us do releves and then our barre work is done.

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Remember - twitchy leg muscles can be a marker for either dehydration or a slight potassium deficiency. Eat a banana and wash it down with orange juice about an hour before class. That's the easy fix. Usually those kinds of spasms aren't serious, but they are distracting..

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I completely forgot about that! You are probably spot on, since I havn't really had time to drink much water lately, I've been so busy. Thanks!

A banana and some orange juice before class sounds really good too :)

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