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Ballet Slipper Unhappiness


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Is there such a thing as a ballet slipper for tapered toes? It really just seems quite hegemonic that all the ones I've seen this perfectly round toe, and hence, my big toe just can't lay flat in them. It gets all scrunched towards the middle (which, puts me off balance and makes my feet hurt). Sometimes I get wide slippers, which are absolutely baggy across the whole top of my foot, just so my big toe doesn't have to scrunch. Does anybody actually make slippers that are shaped more like this ?



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I have a large big toe and have started using the stretchy-canvass type of slipper. I'm impressed. It even makes my foot look more arched. You might want to see what's out there like that. I can't remember the name of the slippers I bought - the name has worn off - but I love them!

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And even in canvas slippers, not all slippers were created equal!

The fit (for me) of the Sansha canvas slippers is just terrible and very similar to what you are describing, but the Sansha Pro is wonderful, I have also tried and liked the Grishko slippers and I dont mind the Leo's.

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There are many shoes for tapered feet out, but you have to try them on your foot to really know how they fit. Vamp length and how they are pleated can also make a difference. I know Bloch designed the prolite streamline II for tapered toes and a different shoe for round toes. Your best bet is to find a store with a wide selection and try on a bunch, or order some online and see which fits best, and return the others.

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A friend of mine recently gave me a pair of Bloch leather shoes that are very narrow, and I think they might work well for someone with more tapered toes. I have diamond shaped feet so I cannot wear them but you might want to go try a pair on, if your feet are narrow as well.

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