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What are some summer ballet intensives that I could go to? (2011)?

I am 16 and i have been dancing for only 9 months, but I am already en pointe (I have been for a month). I take 6 to seven ballet classes a week and two of those are pointe. I am tall and very slim with a small bones, hyperextended feet (good arches), and good turnout. I really want to go to a good summer intensive for ballet, but I need to find some that i have a shot at getting into. I live in California, but i could attend one in miami, Florida or possibly NYC, but CA is best. Thank you so much for any advice from more experienced dancers out there! I train at a good dance studio. One of my teacher was a prima ballerina for company that was founded by a former ballet russe member de monte carlo and my other teacher was a professional ballerina for over 25 years. I know about CPYB, but it is not in a good location for me, and so I was wondering if anyone knows of others like it...

any advice would be appreciated!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, DreamingDancer13.


Have you found our Summer Intensive forums yet? We have all of the programs listed, in alphabetical order, with first hand only reviews from previous years. There are many good programs in CA, including San Francisco Ballet and Alonso King's Lines Ballet. There are a number of good schools in Los Angeles, and I believe two company schools in San Diego. The main program in Miami is Miami City Ballet, but in Orlando there is also a very good program at the Orlando Ballet. Take a look through our 2009/2010 SI Programs forum!


I would like to ask you to please read our policies about posting, especially the one where we ask for proper punctuation and capitalization. Thank you! :thumbsup:

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