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DVD/Videos: Dutch National Ballet's Hans Van Manen Festival (iTune

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Dutch National Ballet's Hans Van Manen Festival, which includes performances from the Kirov, NDT II and Bavarian State Ballet, is now available on US and Canada iTunes in HD and SD



To commemorate van Manen’s 75th birthday, Dutch National Ballet staged a ‘Hans van Manen Festival’ featuring international guest artists from companies such as the Kirov Ballet, Bayerisches Staatsballett (Munich) and Netherlands Dance Theater. They joined the stars of Dutch National Ballet at the Music Theater in Amsterdam to celebrate van Manen’s work.




• Dutch National Ballet - Adagio Hammerklavier, one of van Manen’s best-known and most ‘classical’ ballets featuring 3 couples.

• Netherlands Dance Theater - Simple Things, a moving ballet about the conflict between the sexes, danced by two men and two women.

• Uliana Lopatkina and Ivan Kozlov (Kirov Ballet) - Trois Gnossiennes, an intensely emotional pas de deux in three movements.

• Lucia Lacarra and Bavarian State Ballet (Munich) - Five Tangos, one of van Manen’s most popular ballets, set to the music of Astor Piazzolla, performed live by tango orchestra Sextetto Cayengue.


Each ballet is preceded by a brief ‘behind the scenes’ introduction.

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Thank you for letting us know about this one! I love Hans van Manen and didn't think to look on iTunes. Not expensive either.

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