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I am only 13 and i have been having extreme pain in my right hip for over five months. (it only made it worst that I danced full out at summer at PNB) I went to the doctor, they said I have rectus femurs tendinitis. I went to PT for 8 weeks. that only helped a little. I am now trying acupuncture and that seems to be helping A LOT. My problem is that auditions are in January and even though I danced all through my Nutcracker with out pain (but with acupuncture) I am still suppose to take 4-6 weeks off. But I want to do auditions!!!!!!!!! The acupuncturest said I could do them if I only did the auditions but then I wouldn't be at my best. I am a pretty good dancer, trained on scholarship at Joffrey for summer and went to PNB. but I still wouldn't be at my best. Any advice? Oh! I also cut the number of auditions I'm doing in half.


Thank you so much for any advice.




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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Alli. :)


I understand your situation with the auditions, but I will have to say that you just might have to give up the auditions this year. It would not be a good thing at all to do only the auditions, with no classes during all that time. Not only would you not be at your best, I think it could be very dangerous in terms of making the problem worse. If you did that you could end up being out longer than the 4-6 weeks, and I don't think you want to do that. With tendonitis it is not going to heal as long as one continues to do the things that caused the problem in the first place. It's much more important to heal than to try and push through just for a few auditions. You are only 13 and you have a lot of summers ahead of you. And you know what? There are some programs that you can do without auditions, and also many that will accept video auditions, which you might be able to do by sending it in later, after you have healed and been back in classes for a while.


Sometimes it's really hard to look at the long term, but in the case of injury, if you don't allow the injury to heal it will just get worse and could even become chronic. You do not want that to happen!

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