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im looking for a boarding program where i can dance intensely, but still get a good high school education.

online school is out of the picture...

Im auditioning for both schools in the next few weeks

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Although somewhat different from your post to Cross Talk, which I closed to prevent onboard arguments, this is still calling for a comparison, and is against board policy. :)


My original advice still stands.



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Annie, please stop and read responses to your previous posts. You already posted this topic on Cross Talk, and we do not allow the same topic to be posted on different forums.


In terms of your particular question, the response told you that we do not do comparisions here, we only provide information on the programs. All of the Residency schools are listed in their own forum, in alphabetical order. You will find first hand information about them there.


Your topic in Cross Talk was closed and this one is too, for the above reasons.

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