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How do I stop using my hip flexor in leg extensions?


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Anniebunhead I am not sure what you mean by "grip your flexor". If you could explain a bit more I might be able to help a bit. Please understand, the hip flexors are in use whenever you lift your leg upward and lower it downward while the leg is bent and straight. Now, if your leg seems to get stuck and not go any further, that is another discussion.

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Well when i do any extensions I use my hip flexor to hold the position, i cant break the habit without using my quad to hold up my leg.

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You'll need to keep your legs lower while you build strength and control and learn how to use your rotation. At the top of this form is a sticky titled, "ROTATION & TURNOUT"; read that one and then run a search on this forum for "Extensions", and I'm sure you will have plenty to read!!

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